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Our websites are not for every small business. We specialize in local small business websites for retialers and service professionals. Our sites are designed to bring your company new customers by creating an effective online presence.

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Is a discount website right for your company?

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Every serious small business owner knows their business needs a website. But not everyone needs a custom designed website to have an effective online presence. The truth is the web presence you need is whatever will beat your competition.

Some small businesses need a custom designed website to compete effectively in the marketplace. Some businesses need customer interactivity, an e-commerce platform, or other features that most service providers and local shops do not need.

If you own a local service business or small retail store, all you need is am affordable small business website to let your potential customers know what you do, where you are, and how to contact you.

And it needs to show up on the front page when people search for you online.

I take time to learn about your business to determine what kind of website you need. I find the right focus for your website so it shows up when your potential customer searches for your products and services.

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Basic 5 page Informational websites, $395

This package includes:

  • Home page
  • 4 content pages
  • Contact Us page *
  • Privacy Policy page *
  • About Us page *
  • Sitemaps *
  • Robots.txt File *
  • Keyword research
  • On Page optimization
  • Specific local area targeting

  • *Required for proper SEO

    Affordable small business
    websites that rank!

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Why are our sites more affordable than the other guys in Houston?

We do not re-invent the wheel for every new customer. There is simply no need to. Our websites are based on proven and tested templates that we develop and customize for your specific needs. This eliminates the need for design and development professionals to get involved, thereby reducing your costs.

For most small local service providers and retailers, a simple informational site is more than adequate. We put our effort into identifying terms that your customers actually search for, and then customize your site to target these specific phrases. We hone the focus of our customer's websites to bring in targeted visitors who arrive and find exactly what they are looking for: Your products and services.

Advertising online is not print advertising

Each day, more and more people look on the Internet for the things they need. According to Pew Research, if your company does not have an effective online presence, you are missing out on roughly 40% of your potential customers. If these potential clients are not finding your products or services, they are finding the companies in Houston that compete with you.

Unlike print advertising, where you create advertising in the hopes that people that see it will remember your company when they need what you offer, visitors who see your site online will actively be seeking your product or services out when they are ready to spend money.

People who look for products or services from their phone are even more likely to be on their way to spend money, as opposed to seeking general information. When someone searches Google for "fencing companies in Houston" they are most likely not searching for information about fencing. They will probably be looking to have a fence built in Houston. If you do not come up in the results, they will not consider you for the service.

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